Day 1:

Recording day one:

Code: ez2DCl

Presentation 1: Human Services in Action: Helping Refugees from Ukraine

Presentation 2: What is Sustainability?

Presentation 3: Sustainability and the responsibility of organizationss in the social sector

Presentation 4: Economic Sustainability

Day 2:

Recording day two:

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Presentation 5: Sustainability in and of social work

Presentation 6: Sustainable perspective in the heritage of modern society

Presentation 7: Environmental social work

Day 3 and 4: Group Projects

Recording day four:

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Results of the student workgroups:

  • No poverty

  • Reduced inequalities

Reduced Inequality_final.pptx - Google Präsentationen

  • Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable cities and communities.pptx - Google Präsentationen

  • Responsible consumption and production

sdg_12final.pptx - Google Präsentationen

  • Climate action

  • Good health and wellbeing

Human Service Week Grp 3 Presentation.pptx - Google Präsentationen

  • Quality education

HSW-22-Presentation.pptx - Google Präsentationen

  • Decent work and economic growth