Program 2022

In 2022 we worked on sustainability and the role of Human Services in a global perspective. We had some lectures, but we mainly formed international student groups to exchange, discuss and work on topics. 

Monday, 28.03.2022

14.00-14.15 h Welcome and Introduction

14.15-14.35 h Session 1 - "Human Services in Action: Helping
Refugees from Ukraine" 

Student Presentation Poland

14.35-14.50 h Digital Socializing

14.50-15.30 h Session 2- What is Sustainability?

Student Presentation Spain

15.40-15.45 h Digital Socializing

15.45-16.25 h Session 3: Sustainability and the responsibility of organizations in the social sector

Student Presentation Germany

16.30-17.10 h Session 4: Economic Sustainability

Student Presentation India

17.15-17.55 h Studying and living in..

Presentations from Germany, Poland, India

17.45-18.00 h Forming groups, organization 

Tuesday, 29.03.2022

14.00-14.20 h Welcome into the day, digital socializing

14.20-15.00 h Session 5- Sustainability in and of Social Work

Student Presentation Poland

15.10-16.00 h Session 6: Sustainable Perspective in the heritage of modern society

Student Presentation Brazil

16.00-16.15 h Digital Socializing

16.15-17.05 h Session 7: Environmental Social Work

Student Presentation South Africa

17.15- 18.00 h Studying and living in...

Presentation from South Africa, Spain, Brazil

18.00 h Meet & Greet 

organized by Students

Wednesday, 30.03.2022

14.00-14.15 h Welcome into the day, organization

14.15-18.00 h Working in groups

coached by teachers

Thursday, 31.03.2022

14.00-14.15 h Welcome into the day

14.15-16.40 h Presentation of each workgroup

17.00-18.00 h Farewell, next steps

Perspective summer school 2023