Workgroup Phase

Notices for Human Service Week – Workgroup Phase 


Between April 4th and April 24th  you will be working on your topics in workgroups. On 24th and 25th  April you will be presenting these topics in the plenary sessions.  



The presentations should be consistent, unified presentations. We do not expect different presentations from different group members. However, we expect every group member to have an active, speaking part within the presentation, roughly equally distributed.  

The presentations should be on a scientific level, that means we do not expect an “advicebook”, guidebook. You should quote your main sources. We know that in this topic the sources will be mainly internet sources. 

You will have 30 minutes presentation time per group in addition discussion time.  

Presentations will be held in Zoom.  

Please hand in your presentations per group on April 23rd April at 20 h CEST in the evening by e-mail to: Please hand in also a short word document indicating who was an active group member and which sections or slides in your presentations are from which group member.  

The participation in the group work and your part of presentation will be essential for the course to be credited.  


Working together 

Please organize the work on your own.  

We have opened MS-Teams (within the EvHN-Student-Tenant) and admitted guests. So you should be able to get into that channel and use that as one possibility of collaboration.  

This is the team-link: Human Service Week 2024 | Allgemein | Microsoft Teams  

Please note that we have different channels for the different workgroups.  

We have no technical support for MS Teams, but we will try to help you with problems as far as possible under  

If you need support or coaching on the content, there are teachers responsible for different workgroups.  

You find the e-mail-adresses of your group members and of your teachers on the additional lists. 

If your name is not on this list, please contact us immediately under  


How to work together